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About Us

Tablet World is dedicated to the Information, Reviews and Online Shopping of Tablet PC has opened its doors to consumers.The website for discounted deals on Tablets has been launched by Delhi based EasyTech Solutions.

The idea behind the site is to offer one-stop-shop for all the information related to latestcomputing gadget Tablets.

The primary objective of the website is to help customers in India to save their hard earnedmoney while buying a Tablet and provide unbiased information and product reviews. At theend the big idea is to leverage the power of Internet in favor of the consumer and help themsave as much as possible. The site provides in-depth information like Features, specifications and videos of different models of Tablets from almost all companies like Apple, Blackberry,Samsung, HCL, Creative, Acer, Lenovo, Reliance, Motorola etc.

There are many strong reasons for increase in adoption of Tablet PCs. Some of these reasonsinclude much lesser power usage compared to a Laptop, not much threat of viruses in Andriod& iOS compared to deluge of viruses that plague Windows-based Laptops, portability of theTablets, cost effectiveness, availability of thousands of applications, seamless integration of
social networks and connectivity with Bluetooth, WiFi & 3G.

According to the IT experts, the Tablet era has really arrived. Tablets are not only here tostay, it will only be a matter of time before they have fully and finally usurped the laptopas the go-to hardware for the mobile business as well as home users. After you get past theacclimation period for the keyboard, the tablet is an amazing tool for portable business (or even casual) usage. is going to be one source to compare different models of Tablets available in Indian Market.

About EasyTech Solutions :

EasyTech Solutions is a young and growing firm based in New Delhi. We are a team of highly motivated IT professionals with the ability to innovate and a strong desire to excel. We are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring quality,
cost effective and timely solutions. The driving force behind the company is the passion,dedication, and commitment of the firm to satisfy and fulfill the needs of its customers with assured quality and always on time.

For more information please contact us